June 8, 2015


Glenn: Three 1/2 week update: 17# wt. loss, wearing medium scrubs for the first time in 30 years, two notches on every belt, even my shoes are looser. Interestingly, my GI tract has calmed down, much less volume of stool with volume of leafy greens and veggies up. Urine is really concentrated and stinks with the ketotic state. Have gone from bourbon and coke to “on the rocks” and learning to like it. Have been busy at work, traveling, and only managing two workouts/week, and still the weight falls off. Drinking lots of Lacroix flavored water, and avoiding any sugary drinks. Backslid tonite though, I made steak fajitas from scratch, and there is no such thing as a low carb tortilla ! (They were fantastic) First time in three weeks that I’ve felt “stuffed” even though I’ve been shoveling down steaks, fish, shrimp, eggs, bacon, sausage for breakfast and dinner. Typical breakfast after a workout is three eggs over easy with five pieces of bacon or three pieces of sausage. Have finally gotten into Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” and will begin lifting with my workout tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration to jumpstart my weight loss, and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again.

I’m not as strict on the low-carb thing as Taubes suggests, though I generally keep them down. But I’m not really trying to lose weight.

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