June 7, 2015

CALLING “CAITLYN” JENNER A “HE” IS A MICROAGGRESSION: A member of the Hitler Youth student at Ithaca College writes a letter to the editors of the Pittsburgh-Gazette to complain about a column by Jennifer Graham,who had the audacity to refer to “her” as “Mr. Jenner” since he/she does, after all, still have the full array of male, er, parts (not to mention chromosomes).  In the eyes of the delicate snowflake student:

Repeatedly, Ms. Graham refers to Caitlyn Jenner as “him,” and the subheadline “he/​she” not only is a microaggression but also likens the former Olympian’s personal struggle with becoming herself as an interchangeable joke, instead of courageous.

Every time someone misappropriates the gender of a transgender person, it’s a microaggression. Every time a media source refers to Caitlyn as “Bruce,” it’s a microaggression.

By publishing this column, the Post-Gazette is responsible for propagating transphobia as socially acceptable. . . .

Fifty percent of transgender teens will attempt suicide, and 40 percent of all homeless youth identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. That’s not some liberal-media exaggeration, that’s the truth. We never hear about this because the LGBTQ+ community has yet to be given a voice — we’re drowned out by people like Ms. Graham, demonizing us for our sexuality.

So it is inexcusable for newspapers, like the Post-Gazette, to give a voice to a bully to further propagate the hate crimes perpetrated against our community. We did not make an active choice to be LGBTQ+, but Ms. Graham made an active choice to be offensive. As journalists, you must do better.

Oh dear. Where to begin? The poor little flower apparently cannot handle anyone disagreeing with him/her (he/she signed his/her name “Christopher Kelly,” but who am I to assign a gender–that would be so aggressive of me). Such disagreements are likely not tolerated in the progressive/liberal “safe space” of Ithaca College, where this larval stage human has been brainwashed instructed.

And if Mr./Ms. Kelly is truly concerned about the high suicide rates of transgendered individuals, he/she should consider the opinion of psychiatrists such as Paul McHugh (former chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital), who wrote an oped explaining that the available data suggests that undergoing transgender surgery does not improve psychiatric outcome, and that those undergoing the surgery actually have suicide rates 20 times higher than the non-transgendered population. Psychiatric treatment for body dysmorphic disorder can be beneficial for such individuals.

Mr./Ms. Kelly, I don’t know if you are making an “active choice” to be LGBTQ+ (whatever the “+” means). But I do know that if an individual wishes to refer to an individual with XY chromosomes and male genitalia as “he,” it is not an “offensive” “microagression” against you. It is scientific fact, unlike global warming climate change, which I rather suspect you defend as “scientific fact” on a regular basis. Grow up.

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