May 15, 2015

LLOYD GROVE: A Weak Apology Won’t End George Stephanopoulos’ Clinton Problem. The Brian Williams comparison has got to hurt: “Willams wrapped himself in the flag; Stephanopoulos cloaked himself in charity.”


It is hard to argue that asking tough questions of a charity’s critic on the air—as Stephanopoulos did last month with Schweizer, whose much-publicized book Clinton Cash has been the target of war room-level pushback from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—without bothering to mention that you’ve donated to that charity, is anything other than a serious breach of accepted journalistic standards. Or that letting viewers know about such a potential conflict of interest is “going the extra mile.”

Apparently Stephanopoulos still fails to grasp that there is nothing “extra” about what should have been a common-sense disclosure. What’s more, on GMA Friday morning, he didn’t see fit to mention the sheer size of his donations; no doubt many of his viewers would consider $75,000 real money, even for a television personality reportedly making double-digit millions.

Yes, it’s more than 150% of the average family inocme.

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