May 6, 2015

HMM: Chlamydia Outbreak Hits Texas High School With No Sex Ed. So lack of sex ed leads to the spread of STDs, huh? And that it’s in Texas is a special bonus — it’s always fun to bash Texas!

But I guess this means they don’t have sex ed in Sweden, either. Sweden Is The STI Capital Of Europe. “Sweden has been named the sexually transmitted infection capital of Europe. Data from more than 3,500 STI consultations across Europe shows that Swedes seek the most advice for symptoms of STIs. . . . The data, from online clinic HealthExpress, also shows that there has been a significant rise in the number of reported cases of STIs across Europe in the last decade – Sweden experienced a 38 per cent rise in chlamydia and gonorrhoea cases in recent years.”

Stupid Swedes. Why don’t they get over their prudishness and educate themselves about sex? And what about those dumb Norwegians? Norway Is Europe’s ‘Herpes Hot Spot.’ Who knew that abstinence-only sex ed was so common?

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