May 1, 2015

TRIGGER WARNING:  MICROAGGRESSION AHEAD!:  So apparently liberals/progressives now need trigger warnings when other liberals/progressives try to educate the rest of us about our #whiteprivilege.   The Asian American Students’ Association at Brandeis University was–get this–forced to apologize for a display of common microaggressions directed at Asian Americans.  The display was so disturbing to the delicate flowers on campus that they were forced to apologize:

[W]e would like to acknowledge and apologize to the Asian students on campus who were triggered or hurt by the content of the microaggressions in our installation. We understand and empathize with the effects that this installation could have without the context of the explanation provided on our Tumblr. As a response to student concerns, we installed a condensed physical explanation of our mission statement today at the Rabb steps. We want to reinforce that this installation is a commentary on how these insults build up together to create a campus environment that does not welcome Asian students.

As Asian students, we had no intention of mocking or harming our own community and ourselves. We acknowledge the disconnect between intention and effect.

This is deliciously ironic:  In their attempt to educate the world about how to avoid offending their hyper-sensitive feelings, liberals/progressives are offending hyper-sensitive liberals/progressives.  Classic, entertaining idiocy–like a dog chasing its own tail.

Brandeis, btw, is a $60,000+ per year college, and a bastion of progressive thinking, best known for a “tolerant” and “open-minded” environment in which students and faculty successfully convinced the school’s administration to revoke its invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an advocate for women and girls’ rights, to give a commencement speech, on grounds that she is “Islamophobic.”

Spoiled, intolerant, ignorant brats.

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