April 20, 2015

ONLY IDIOTS EVER THOUGHT IT WAS INVINCIBLE: Oversight chairman: Capital’s ‘aura of invincibility’ has disappeared.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Sunday claimed that an incident involving a gyrocopter landing at the Capitol had raised concerns about protecting Washington, D.C.

“The aura of invincibility that law enforcement will prevail if someone jumps a fence or flies a gyrocopter has disappeared,” Chaffetz told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“That shine is gone,” the House Oversight Committee chairman argued. “The question is what they’re going to do from here.”

Chaffetz said incidents like the gyrocopter landing or White House intrusions presented too much risk to vital Americans to treat lightly. After the 9/11 attacks, he continued, the stakes were too high for second guessing harsh defense measures.

“These are no-fail missions,” Chaffetz said of foiling potential safety threats. “You have to take them down and take them down hard.”

“You’ve got some real deranged people and some sophisticated terrorists that are going to come after us,” he continued. “This is going to happen again.”

The Utah lawmaker said he often worried about “coordination and cooperation” between Washington’s many law enforcement agencies. Their repeated failures, he continued, exposed major flaws in America’s domestic security.

My own feeling: There’s no reason to mount a big reaction here. The security agencies have been exposed as serially incompetent, and more money will probably just go for more hookers and blow. On the other hand, pretty much everything in the non-invincible capital is basically expendable. During the Cold War we used to worry that a Presidential assassination might be the precursor to a surprise massive nuclear attack, but those days are gone. The Republic would survive without you guys. It might even prosper. . . .

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