April 11, 2015

VIGOROUS EXERCISE for people with bad knees. I do intervals, and they don’t seem to bother my knees. Machines (like the elliptical) do, though. Squats seem to make everything better. But my knees don’t have anything physically wrong, like torn cartilage. When they hurt, it’s usually some sort of muscle imbalance. My knees used to hurt whenever I got tired (my dad has always experienced that too). I think it was because one muscle gave out before others so that my kneecap was pulled out of place. Since I started doing squats, that has gone away, presumably because all the muscles are now strong enough.

On a related note, yesterday I was approached by an NRA lawyer who I’ve met numerous times over the years, but I totally didn’t recognize her until she got close enough to read her nametag. That was because she’d lost a lot of weight, which she explained was because she’d seen my reference to Gary Taubes, followed his instructions, and the pounds just melted away. Another satisfied InstaPundit customer!

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