February 23, 2015

HEY, FOR ONCE THOSE TIRED CHARGES MIGHT HAVE BEEN ON-TARGET: Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned to accuse Obama of being anti-woman and anti-Semitic.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was prepared to go full force against President Obama if he tried to replace her in 2013.

Wasserman Schultz, according to Politico, was going to accuse Obama of being anti-woman and anti-Semitic — apparently to cover all the bases — if he dared consider replacing her as chairwoman.

Schultz was beginning to “line up supporters” to make the suggestion when she “sensed” Obama was considering removing her from the DNC.

Wasserman Schultz’s position as the head of the DNC has long been a source of contention among Democrats, and Politico has previously documented the issue. In September 2014, Wasserman Schultz’s gaffes caught up to her when a string of Democrats voiced their distaste for the way the Florida congresswoman had led the party.

That report found tension between Wasserman Schultz and Obama dating back to 2011 — two years before she considered accusing him of waging a war on a woman or being an anti-Semite. At the time, Wasserman Schultz had allegedly complained to Obama about not being able to hire a donor’s daughter to work for her at the DNC.

“Obama summed up his reaction to staff afterward: ‘Really?’ ” according to a source that was present.

So maybe Obama didn’t like Wasserman Schultz’s brashness or her propensity to spout gaffe after gaffe.

Of course, with her job on the line, perhaps Wasserman Schultz just prepared to go into default mode of accusing any opposition of hating women or Jews.

Default is her middle name.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Well now. DWS didn’t get on her knees and beg The One and instead was prepared to hit him back where it hurt him. And she kept her job because of it. Maybe there’s a lesson for the GOP in there….”

As a great man once said, punch back twice as hard.

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