February 23, 2015

MICKEY KAUS: Why Would Jeb Want To Narrow The Field?

Both Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are feeling a certain amount of pressure not to run for President. Christie’s been targeted in stories about how he’s losing donors, dropping from the top tier, etc. (Never mind that, as Howard Kurtz pointed out, it’s entirely possible to lose the “donor primary” and win the race if you get hot with voters at the right time.) Rubio, were told, is being urged to run for reelection to help prevent Democrats from winning the Senate. No doubt Jeb Bush’s extensive network had nothing to do with stoking either of these stories. … P.S.: But should Bush really want to push Rubio and Christie and other rivals out? Jeb isn’t doing terribly well in the polls, and his chances for winning would seem enhanced if the field is fragmented. The worst thing for Jeb would be if there is a single, viable anti-Bush candidate, especially if the anti-Bush candidate has contrasting views on immigration.

That seems right.

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