February 22, 2015

DAVID BERNSTEIN: Why Eric Posner Is Wrong About Speech Codes.

See, the problem with arguing that 18-22 year olds are too immature to handle free speech is twofold: First, it calls into question whether they’re mature enough to assume six-figure debt, and second, it converts prestigious Higher Education into an extension of high school, grades 13-16. Who’ll pay $60,000+ per year for high school?

Plus, the corruption behind it all: “To elaborate slightly, speech codes (and crackdowns on sexual behavior) are for the most part not demanded by students or faculty, but by administrators (sometimes in cahoots with a small faction of radical students) who have a symbiotic relationship with federal regulators that implicitly or explicitly encourage such crackdowns using the excuse of largely legally irrelevant civil rights laws. The feds get more control over the schools, bigger budgets, and satisfy particular political constituencies that support their existence and expansion. The internal university bureaucracies likewise get more control over campus life, bigger budgets, and, importantly, carte blanche to use vague, ill-defined rules to destroy academic careers for reasons ranging from ideological to venal.”

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