February 5, 2015

THE WASHINGTON POST’S ERIK WEMPLE: The Brian Williams scandal is an NBC News-wide scandal. “Why did it take pushback from ‘some brave men and women in the air crews,’ however? Do these folks have to fight our wars and fact-check NBC News? A production crew accompanied Williams on the helicopter outing. The Erik Wemple Blog has asked NBC News who and how many people were on that crew. But where have they been as Williams has gone about misremembering the episode in media appearances in recent years?”

Williams is a bigfoot. A mere crew person who told the truth about him would never work again in TV news.

UPDATE: “Brian Williams, 2013: I Have to Tell You, Alec Baldwin, That When My Bird Went Tango Uniform One Niner Fiver Kliks Outside of Najaf, I Pondered My Own Mortality With Manful Quietude.” Heh.

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