January 15, 2015

MORE ON NORTH DAKOTA’S “HATE SCHOLARSHIP:” More problems with the ‘1 in 3 men would rape’ study.

Sarah Edwards — the lead author of a recent study purportedly showing that one in three men would rape if they could get away with it and so long as it wasn’t referred to as rape — really, really believes that one in five women will be sexually assaulted during college.

Despite significant flaws in the 2007 study that produced that one-in-five figure — as well as more representative studies showing the rate to be much lower — Edwards, a University of North Dakota assistant professor of counseling psychology, wholeheartedly believes the study. In an email to the Washington Examiner, she said that those who deny the higher rate just can’t handle the information. . . .

Edwards also provided the Examiner with the debriefing material that was supposed to address “rape myths.” Researchers were tasked with confirming that male participants’ “assumptions go in the right direction” following the survey. In other words, make sure those men believe what the researchers believe.

Some of the assumptions were innocuous, like telling the men they should respect a “no” (even though that’s no longer acceptable; men are now required by feminists to get a “yes” for every stage of potential sexual activity). Other dispelled “myths” conform to current politically correct wisdom — for example, ignoring men as sexual assault victims and infantilizing drunk women as if they were incapable of giving consent.

The more dangerous claim the researchers are spreading is that false accusations don’t happen. Researchers told the men that “most women who claim they were raped don’t make it up but were actually assaulted.” It’s not so much that women completely make up being raped (like Tawana Brawley or Crystal Mangum did) but more the idea that men are being branded as rapists over drunken hookups, misunderstandings and he said/she said situations. Perhaps a better term for these than “falsely accused” would be “wrongly accused.”

Further, Edwards readily admitted she hopes this study gets her grant money. Following this study, which was clearly designed to elicit eye-catching headlines, Edwards hopes to broaden her “research” by conducting the same study on a national scale.

Sounds like they’ve got a hostile educational environment going for male students there.

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