November 8, 2014

YEAH, I DON’T FEEL THAT SORRY FOR HIM: Meager Returns for the Democrats’ Biggest Donor. “In the last days before the midterm elections, Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist who spent at least $57 million of his own money to influence Tuesday’s outcome — more than any other single donor — set off on a frenetic get-out-the-vote tour to Colorado, Iowa and finally New Hampshire. There, he told business owners in Portsmouth that climate change is an economic issue, thanked college students in Durham for knocking on doors, and gave a pep talk to canvassers in Dover before they fanned out to collect voter data on their smartphones. After all that, Mr. Steyer appears to have largely wasted his time and money.”

This also kind of undercuts the whole big-money-controls-our-politics narrative.

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