October 29, 2014

OUR BRAVE “PUBLIC HEALTH” PEOPLE SEEM KINDA SELFISH: Ebola Nurse In Maine Says She Won’t Follow Home Quarantine Rules. Really setting an example there, honey.

Or maybe she’s just following this example: Report: ‘Hero’ Ebola doctor lied to the NYPD; Said he’d ‘self quarantined.’ Putz.

Funny, the public health crowd loves telling others what to do, but doesn’t seem so big on following instructions itself. This does not inspire confidence, and will make it much harder to get ordinary Americans to comply with public health measures in the future.

Meanwhile, such behavior just strengthens the case for mandatory quarantines for everyone entering the country from Ebola areas. We obviously can’t trust their professionalism and willingness to engage in self-sacrifice — at least, unless they’re from Tennessee.

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