October 22, 2014

IN LIGHT OF POPEHAT CLARK’S THOUGHTS ON GAMERGATE, and of this piece, perhaps men’s groups on college campuses should take a lesson: Target donors to colleges. Contact them, tell them that the university is unfairly stigmatizing all men as rapists, encourage them not to donate until that changes. It’s easy to find out who the big donors are — the schools tell you as they brag — and they’re easy enough to get in touch with. They don’t hear from many students, so your message won’t be lost in the shuffle.

You could add some street-theater when prospective freshmen tour the campus by putting up posters and passing out leaflets telling them that the campus is a “rights-free zone” for men or some such, too. And maybe demand that the admissions people warn admitted men that they won’t have due process, and then making a big stink when they won’t.

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