October 16, 2014

HMM: Nurse May Have Had Symptoms of Ebola Longer Than First Thought. ‘A nurse with Ebola may have shown symptoms of the virus as many as four days before authorities once indicated, meaning that she might have been contagious while flying on not just one, but two commercial flights, officials said Thursday. . . . The CDC announced later Thursday that is ‘expanding its outreach to airline passengers now to include those who flew from Dallas-Fort Worth to Cleveland on Frontier flight 1142′ last Friday — which is how Vinson got to Ohio, from Texas, originally.”

Plus: “’12 confirmed contacts of Amber Vinson in Ohio … are currently under quarantine,’ according to Summit County’s assistant health commissioner Donna Skoda. They include four people who worked at a bridal store, where the 29-year-old nurse went as part of her wedding planning.”

Related: Ebola outbreak ‘running much faster’ than response.

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