September 12, 2014

AMY OTTO: Stop Perpetually Flogging The Bridget Jones Voter. “The problem is that despite the incoherence of the message, Democrats demonstrate effort and time crafting messages to court single female voters. Meanwhile, the Right has constructed well-meaning bubbles about what’s best for women. While getting married and having kids is the best choice I ever made, there is a perception gap on the Right that these things are easily obtained.”

Very much worth reading. Maybe if someone buys a women’s magazine, they should talk to Amy about editing it.

Plus, some of Amy’s comments remind me of this from InstaPundit reader Madhu Dahiya a decade ago:

I think the problem with heterosexual marriage is, uh, heterosexuals. If the opponents of gay marriage were serious about the challenges to straight marriage, then there would be tax credits for and Eight Minute Dating (and marriage counseling). There would be no mention of sports and steroids in any state of the union speech. Instead, the president would give a stern talking to those men, and women (and you know who you are), WHO NEVER CALL YOU BACK. I mean, you want to move the numbers towards the Republicans in the single, over thirty over educated female-type bracket? Well, there you go. There’s an issue that should poll just nicely, thank you very much.

It’s worth a try!