September 4, 2014

THE ANCHORESS: Do The Rapes of Rotherham Tell a Tale of Conquest? “One of the terrible after-effects of invasion and war has been the subjugation of the women, the rape of wives and daughters, the seed of the conqueror, inserted into a culture and a society — yet another tactic meant to subdue and eradicate. And yet, there has been no old-fashioned ‘invasion’ and no ‘war’ in the southern part of Yorkshire. This conquering was invited, and it was invited throughout Europe, where Rotherham will be discovered to have been replicated. Why wouldn’t it be? Who in Europe would dare to prosecute?”

When you have a ruling class that dislikes the nation it rules, the invitations will be issued, and the prosecutions will be foregone.

Plus: “Look at the bright side. Very soon we may be done dealing with a fake ‘war on women’ and the illusory crisis of free birth control. Let us find our mercies where we may.”

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition? That’s not Joel Osteen Christianity, but something older. And perhaps newer?

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