August 28, 2014

#ROTHERHAM FOLLOWUP FROM BREITBART LONDON: Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It? Because it would blow the narrative. As honesty typically does. . . . “It is difficult to overstate how awful these crimes were, nor how completely victims were failed by the authorities. One girl was doused in petrol and told she would be set on fire if she didn’t comply. Others were forced to watch rapes and told they would be next if they spoke out. The police regarded these girls with as much contempt as the rapists. . . . The political Left shrieks blue murder over the slightest indication of overbearing male behaviour when it’s a white man. The tone-deaf ‘Everyday Sexism’ project is a weapon wielded almost exclusively at white middle-class men by white middle-class women. But it makes excuses for rapists and even child abusers when the criminals are black, or, especially, from a Muslim community.”