August 27, 2014

WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS? The thing is, the NRSC went all-in to deep-six Milt Wolf in favor of doddering nonresident Pat Roberts. Now Roberts faces a “tough re-election fight,” with this observation: “It’s difficult to see how Milton Wolf would have done appreciably worse in this case, and he might have held the Republican base together better.” Especially as the NRSC pissed off — and pissed on — the base in backing Roberts.

As with Mark Foley and Thad Cochran, a better-run party would have found quality replacements for these weak incumbents, instead of encouraging them to stay in and — in Cochran’s and Roberts’ cases — killing off primary challengers. But whatever the folks running the GOP, and in particular the NRSC, are getting paid, it’s too much.

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