August 15, 2014

AMY OTTO: “Sex” Isn’t What It Used To Be.

First, there are pretty reasonable explanations for why “normative sexual expectations” still dominate female preferences.

They’re straight. That’s right, straight women may in fact have different sexual interests than their lesbian counterparts. This should go without saying.

Mutually beneficial exchange works out well generally for the human race. See capitalism, trade, sex… I can understand how Salon would struggle with this and prefer that sex, like everything else, have a distinct give and take they can regulate instead of a market-driven pace of mutual exchange and benefit.

Evolution likely favors activities that aid in propagating the species.

Intimacy and close physical contact during sex are often pleasurable. I mean, “theoretically,” but I’m comfortable stating this without a scientific poll.

That’s a completely unscientific list of polite things that can be said in the defense of sex. Besides that, it’s called “sex,” Salon. Without it there would be no writers at Salon. Wait… that’s one strike against it.

Good point.