August 13, 2014

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if someone got Ebola in America.

Related: The CDC’s controversial quarantine powers. “In some cases, this includes the power to isolate people, and hold a healthy person against his will. The CDC’s quarantine authority has been strengthened in recent years. But we haven’t had sufficient debate about how to balance individual rights against public health in these circumstances. And when quarantine is even effective. We should revisit these issues before we find ourselves invoking these tools. . . . The attempt during the Bush Administration to draft specific regulations interpreting the CDC’s vast quarantine provisions failed precisely because the mechanisms for exercising that authority, once articulated clearly, concerned a lot of observers both in and out of government. That should provide no comfort to those who opposed the Bush era provisions, since the same powers still reside with CDC.” My National Security Law students were always surprised at how much power the federal government — and states — have in these circumstances.

UPDATE: Related: Liberty In The Time Of Ebola.

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