August 6, 2014

NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY: Scenes From The Feminist Implosion. “It’s no wonder the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism has become so popular. It’s not because, as one Daily Beast column argues, these women ‘don’t understand feminism.’ It’s because they understand feminism and so know that this ideology has nothing to do with their lives. . . . We want you to see women as victims of everyone and everything — even though feminism is supposed to be empowering. We want you to express your true nature as women — except we’d prefer you throw the men and children in your lives under the bus. All of this doublespeak may simply be too much for the younger generation. And so, to the feminist leaders out there, I can only say: Keep talking, ladies. Fifty-two percent of their base voted against that happening, yet the D.C. GOP still doesn’t seem to care. That’s not victory, it’s a defeat waiting to happen just down the line.”