August 5, 2014

RACISM IN OBAMA’S AMERICA — AND OBAMA’S PARTY: Kentucky Democrat Race-Baits McConnell’s Wife; Deletes ‘Asian’ Tweets.

Democrats rushed to condemn the messages, but this certainly isn’t the first time Chao’s ethnicity has made her the target of Democrat race-card tricks in this campaign. They were doing this stuff last year, back when it was still rumored that movie star Ashley Judd was going to seek the Democrat nomination against McConnell.

Question: How is this different from “birther” attacks on Obama?

How is it that Democrats get a free pass for doing this kind of stuff to Republicans, yet object vehemently to anyone who dares mention that the president’s father was a Kenyan socialist? If “the personal is political” — as feminists have been insisting for more than four decades — why is it these kind of identity-politics arguments are only acceptable if they help elect Democrats and advance a left-wing agenda? Far be it from me to argue that one’s personal experience, including perceptions about ethnicity, are always irrelevant to politics. Dinesh D’Souza (who, last time I checked, wasn’t from Kentucky, either) was roundly vilified for arguing that Obama’s worldview was profoundly influenced by his father’s anti-British/anti-colonialist/anti-capitalist attitudes.

D’Souza’s argument was less “racist” than the arguments of liberals who routinely claim that anyone who opposes Obama is a racist.

When Democrats do this, they get a pass — or, if they don’t, they’re treated as outliers. When Republicans do it, they never get a pass, and they’re presented as representative of the true attitudes of the entire party. Journalism 101.