August 3, 2014

ASHE SCHOW ON THE LATEST COLLEGE CRAZE: Thought experiment: Let’s reverse the sexes in this story about drunk shaming.

These upstanding citizens take photos of women after they have passed out, drawing crude Images on their face, arms and legs with markers or posing next to them in suggestive ways.

These men completely degrade these women while they don’t have the situational awareness to respond or defend themselves.

Is this not worthy of feminist outrage?

Well you can stop being outraged, because the sexes in this story are actually reversed.

Using the hashtag #CantHang, college women are doing the above shaming to men.

But of course there’s no outrage there right? I mean, who cares if this kind of stuff happens on college campuses, so long as it’s happening to men, am I right, feminists?

If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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