July 30, 2014

THIS WILL END WELL: In New Sexual-Assault Bill, Harsher Penalties for Colleges. “Under the terms of the proposed legislation, whose exact language has not been made public, colleges that don’t comply with its rules could face fines of up to 1 percent of their operating budgets. For larger institutions, such a penalty could amount to several million dollars. The bill would also increase the maximum penalty for a violation of the Clery Act to $150,000 from $35,000.”

I don’t know why Marco Rubio is in on this. Two possibilities: (1) Once again, a senior Democrat has roped him into a “bipartisan” deal that he thinks will look good; or (2) He’s trying to accelerate the demise of the existing higher education apparatus. This is certainly setting a precedent for federal strong-arming of colleges and universities, which Republicans may find useful in the future. All is proceeding as Kurt Schlichter has foreseen.