July 29, 2014

SHE’S THE WRONG KIND OF BLACK WOMAN: Ashe Schow: Why Doesn’t The Left Care About Shaneen Allen?

Allen had been robbed twice in 2013, so she bought a handgun legally in Pennsylvania and obtained a concealed-carry permit. She didn’t realize the permit wasn’t valid in every state and was driving in New Jersey when she was pulled over for a minor traffic offense. She informed the officer she had a weapon and provided her permit, thinking she was within the law.

But she wasn’t. New Jersey’s stringent gun laws don’t recognize Pennsylvania’s concealed-carry permits.

National Review Online noted last week that the prosecutor in Allen’s case, Jim McClain, could have been lenient on Allen. . . . But McClain didn’t. He sought maximum punishment for Allen — three years for firearm possession and an additional year for the ammunition.

As I noted in my Second Amendment Penumbras piece, we need much stricter judicial scrutiny — and, probably, federal civil rights legislation — to put an end to these absurd state laws, which are designed to deter people from exercising their rights.