July 15, 2014

MORE CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARING DATA: “Recycled” hard drive at the FEC too? “A probe into Hatch Act violations at the Federal Election Commission ran aground when the electronic communications of the suspect — a former colleague of Lois Lerner — had her computer hard drive ‘recycled.’ Sound familiar?”

It’s a coverup. And what they’re covering up is a conspiracy to destroy political opposition, one that goes all the way to the White House. That’s the only reasonable inference from this chain of events.

UPDATE: Michael Lotus emails:

A conspiracy to destroy the political opposition.

Yes. Of course. These guys are Chicago and Cook County Democrats. That is how it is done there. 50 out of 50 Democrat aldermen, forever. No GOP at all, or merely a front opposition, forever. Government power used to exterminate political opposition and keep it from ever reviving. To Obama and the people around him this is all normal, and is the obvious goal. There is no reason to expect anything else from them.

A fair point. So how to arrange suitable payback/deterrence?