July 7, 2014


I am writing to you because a good friend of mine, Republican Michael Burris, is running for Congress in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District – www.michaelburrisforcongress.com. That seat is currently held by the Honorable Emanuel “the Tea Party spit on me” Cleaver, II. You might recall that Andrew Breitbart offered, I believe, $100K for video evidence of the Tea Party spitting on Cleaver as he, Nancy Pelosi and others trolled through a D.C event a few years ago looking for trouble. The money went uncollected for lack of evidence.

I mentioned to you before that Cleaver’s Congressional wages are currently being garnished to make good on a sizable SBA loan he took out on a car wash on which he defaulted. Cleaver also chiseled out about $50 million from Obama’s ARRA stimulus back in ’09. The money was earmarked for an inner city “Green Zone,” in which thousands of decrepit houses would be weatherized, streets repaved, sidewalks rebuilt and other handouts given. The vaunted Green Zone has been an abject failure. I think some Cleaver cronies probably lined their pockets, but very few houses got weatherized because it was just too expensive and impractical. New sidewalks and repaved streets lead to dysfunctional or closed schools. There are no jobs to be had. Living conditions among inner city blacks, Cleaver’s core constituency, are worse than before Obama took office with Cleaver’s help. In short, Cleaver needs to go.

Michael is in a tough primary race against 3 other Republican candidates, 2 of whom we just learned don’t even live in the district. The third is an unknown with no campaign presence whatsoever.

Michael is a lifelong small businessman, family man, and is quietly very active in the community in and around Kansas City, Missouri. He is a fiscal conservative and adheres to the Constitution, believes in limited and responsible government, fiscal responsibility, tax reform, and other key conservative issues.

The primary is on August 5, and we are beginning a closing push. I think he’s got a very solid chance of winning the primary, but Michael needs to raise some money, and I’m wondering if you’d be willing to give him a mention. He has a great website where instapundit readers can donate, and the website includes some videos about Michael. Who says you have to be slick at reading the TelePrompter? Look what that’s gotten us. We’d love to raise $25,000.00, and I’m sure we could do with the help of instapundit readers.

Well, there you are. Here’s Michael Burris’s website. I don’t know Burris, but I do know David Vickers, who also tells me that Burris is a supporter of my revolving door surtax.