June 27, 2014

A FALSE CAMPUS RAPE CASE WITH A TWIST: Bizarre Lesbian Assault Case Revived in Georgia.

A woman arrested based on fabricated claims that she sexually assaulted a female classmate may have a case against college police officers, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled.

The arrest stems from a report that Haley Maxwell made to the Department of Public Safety at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga., in April 2009. Maxwell claimed that her classmate Amanda Hartley had beaten and sexually assaulted her in Maxwell’s dorm room two weeks earlier.

Maxwell also claimed that she had gone to Hartley’s apartment in Knoxville, Tenn., just the night before and that Hartley beat her again.

Hartley said campus police had her arrested in Tennessee on charges of battery, sexual battery and aggravated sexual battery.

She was extradited to Georgia where she allegedly faced more than three weeks of incarceration.
In her lawsuit against Agnes Scott College, three of its campus police officers and the head of the public-safety department, Hartley said a reasonable investigation by the District Attorney’s Office showed that Maxwell fabricated the whole ordeal.

Evidence allegedly showed that Hartley was not in Georgia at the time of the assault, and the charges against her were dismissed in December 2009.

The defendants claimed immunity under the Georgia Tort Claims Act, but the trial court refused to dismiss the case.

Good. False accusations should have consequences.