June 20, 2014

THE HILL: Cruz slams Obama’s ‘collapsing’ foreign policy.

Cruz highlighted what he sees as threats to religious liberty abroad, speaking of American Pastor Saeed Abedini sentenced to eight years in Iranian prison “for the crime of sharing his Christian faith.”

The senator charged that while the president has been unable to secure the release of Abedini, Obama’s administration is negotiating with Iran. Cruz said that dialogue “is only increasing the likelihood of Iran developing nuclear weapon capability that greatly damages the security of both Israel and the United States.”

Iran is not the only place where Christians are being persecuted for their faith, Cruz said. He cited the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS, a group he said aims “to create an Islamic Taliban that runs from Syria to Iraq and work to exterminate Jordan, Israel and ultimately America.”

Cruz questioned Obama’s ability to control his foreign policy and to protect the rights of Americans to religious freedom, both at home and abroad, and assailed the president for his failure “to stand with our unshakeable ally, the nation of Israel.”

If I were Israel, at this point, I’d be at least somewhat shakeable.