June 16, 2014

CATHY YOUNG: The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape? “Aside from Brown’s handling of the case, the most striking aspect of this story is the utterly pathetic performance of the media. No attempt was made to independently verify any of Sclove’s claims. Most publications made no attempt to get Kopin’s side of the story. No one thought to ask such basic questions as: If Sclove was indeed violently raped and strangled, why didn’t she go to the police? Would Brown officials really readmit a known violent rapist after a brief suspension and run the risk of him reoffending? Of course, this lack of critical scrutiny is entirely typical of the media coverage of campus rape controversies. One can only wonder how many stories of universities letting rapists off the hook and re-victimizing women who have been sexually assaulted would hold up on impartial examination. With more and more commentators questioning the “rape culture” moral panic and the “justice” of campus kangaroo courts, perhaps the media will finally start doing their job.”