June 2, 2014


Note how even when talking about women deliberately creating fatherless children in the most undeniable sense, the only moral judgement is on the man who donated the sperm. They aren’t objecting to the cultural idea that a woman would deliberately create a fatherless child, but to the cultural idea that the man should not have to pay her large sums of money as a reward for her making this awful choice. The inability to see women as responsible for their very deliberate choices regarding marriage and motherhood is a tremendous blind spot in our culture.

Also note that the solution to unwed motherhood isn’t to send a moral message that unwed motherhood deprives children of fathers. The solution is to bolster unwed motherhood by making sure our new family model is consistently followed.

Yeah, I see a lot of that kind of man-bashing among social-con types. I think there’s a strong desire to judge somebody, but since in our culture it’s not permissible to judge women for these kinds of choices, it all falls on men, because that’s easy and safe.