May 21, 2014

JAMES O’KEEFE PUNKS HOLLYWOOD GREENS. “O’Keefe’s crew pose as a Middle Eastern potentate named ‘Muhammad’ and his American ad executive. They approach the Tickells with an offer of $9 million to finance an anti-fracking film. ‘Muhammad’s’ motives are clearly expressed: he wants to keep the U.S. dependent on Middle Eastern oil, and to that end he wants to stamp out fracking. The Tickells have no problem with this at all. . . . Naturally, the punked parties have responded with howls of outrage. What should the unbiased observer make of it? You could adopt the Tickells’ attitude and say, as long as they are going to make an anti-fracking film, what difference does it make where the money comes from? But most people won’t see it that way. The alacrity with which the filmmakers sign on with ‘Muhammad’s’ goal of preventing America from becoming more energy independent is discomfiting.”

Discomfiting, but not in the least surprising.