May 12, 2014

SO EXCEPT FOR THE LIBERAL PART, THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT THEY THINK THE TEA PARTY IS LIKE: Report: Journalists Are Miserable, Liberal, Over-Educated, Under-Paid, Middle-Aged Men.

Journalists have long been more educated than the typical American. In the period that college graduates went from 11 percent to about 30 percent of the country, the share of journalists with a college degree went from 58 percent to 92 percent. (Editorializing side note: Do keep this in mind when you read journalists making the case that college is a waste of time. Maybe this is self-deprecating, or perhaps it even qualifies as a “lesson learned.” But a profession where non-college grads are so scarce they practically qualify as endangered instructing the country at large to not go to college is a weird phenomenon.)

Well, not if all that education leaves you miserable and underpaid. I think that one problem with today’s journalism — and its practitioners’ gullibility regarding various income-inequality demagogueries — is that journalists feel particularly underpaid with regard to their self-assessed status, which in part comes from their extensive education.