May 12, 2014

WELL, THEY’VE ALREADY GONE AFTER THE PICKUP ARTISTS, SO WHAT’S LEFT? Leftist, terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center labels Common Core critics ‘far-right extremists.’

The SPLC is, of course, most famous because a man named Floyd Lee Corkins used an SPLC “Hate Map” to find the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC. He entered the headquarters lobby in August 2012 in an attempt to “to kill as many people as possible” and “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces” because he disagreed with the conservative organization about gay marriage. Corkins managed to shoot a security guard. The guard disarmed him. (RELATED: Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty)

In March, the Federal Bureau of Investigations removed links to the Southern Poverty Law Center from the civil rights division’s web page, breaking ties with the group that inspired the would-be mass shooter.

The SPLC is what it pretends to oppose, a hate group that bilks its donors by peddling conspiracy theories.