May 9, 2014

HIGHER EDUCATION “SAY WHAT!?” ALERT:   George Leef has another great column over at Forbes.  This time he explains how Uncle Sam’s Obama-inspired “generosity” approach to student loan policies not only encourages more debt but also low-paying, public sector work.

All I’m going to say is that I put myself through law school using student loans, and I will pay them off sometime this year (!)  Equity aside, the feds weren’t so  “generous” to me; I didn’t have  loans “forgiven” because I took a relatively low-paying job as a law professor.  Somehow, through prudence and hard work, I’ve managed to pay my debt back and have a comfortable life.  And if they had offered such forgiveness, I would have felt like a loser.  “Generosity” like this is often perceived by the capable as a handout to the incapable.  To borrow a phrase from Frederick Douglass, “your interference is doing [] a positive injury.”