May 5, 2014

WATCHING THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY DIE, from Peter Wehner at Commentary:

The mid-term elections are still six months away, but the political landscape for Democrats is perilous. And the odds are as good or better that things will get worse, not better, for Democrats between now and November.

The American public, at least at this point, seem intent on deliver a stinging rebuke to President Obama, his party, and liberalism itself. The left, knowing this, is going to become even more desperate, more ad hominem, and more deranged in their attacks.

It won’t alter the outcome. We are watching the Obama presidency die. The cause of death? Massive incompetence. Flawed ideology. And the Obama agenda coming into contact with reality.

As Richard Fernandez wrote at the Belmont Club on Saturday regarding the Obama administration’s hopeless foreign policy, “There’s a saying that it isn’t over till the Fat Lady sings. She hasn’t quite sung yet, but she is certainly warming up her tonsils.”