May 4, 2014

LIBERAL RACISM:   It’s been fascinating to watch the ultra-liberal MSM work overtime to portray LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling as a Republican, which is necessary to fit with their Republicans-are-per-se-racist (and Democrats are not) narrative.  But as Derek Hunter points out in this Townhall piece, the liberals/progressives are overtly– and unapologetically–racist toward any minority that disagrees with their position.  Witness the recent characterization by U.S. Rep Bennie Thompson (D-MS) of Justice Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Tom.”  Says Hunter:

Democrats have locked up the black vote for generations not because they’ve solved any problems in the black community – those they’ve attempted to address have done nothing but get worse – but because they’ve cynically, and diabolically injected race into every issue and labeled with “otherness,” anyone who strays from the orthodoxy they’ve deemed “acceptable thought” for black Americans.

The liberal/progressive PC police for African-American thought are ruthless indeed.  So this is Obama-led, post-racial America?