April 10, 2014

WOMEN PAYING THE SAME FOR LIFE INSURANCE: RANKEST SEXISM! On the other hand: Should Men Pay More For Buffets?

Then again, food-related discriminatory pricing is uniquely awkward. If this became widespread, it could reinforce the stereotype that women are supposed to be birdlike and abstemious while men can indulge without restraint. . . .

If an entire restaurant just assumes that women eat less than men, then it might be seen as wrong or unusual if they eat more. And we don’t need the judgy weight of menu pricing when we’re just trying to enjoy our fourth buttery Corral roll, or our zillionth Pao de Queijo cheese poof. I, for one, would gladly pay an additional $2.25 for the moral freedom to eat with the abandon of a post-breakup Henry the VIII.

Well, if a pricing scheme might make women feel bad about themselves, it must be illegal.

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