March 16, 2014

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Bobby Jindal steps out in New Hampshire.

Jindal was the featured speaker Friday during his second trip to New Hampshire, a key early presidential primary state. He took his previous trip, in May, for a Senate Republican fundraiser; now, he was presenting himself for the first time to some of the voters who will decide whether he should be the Republican nominee for president, if he decides to run.

He sounded like a candidate Friday night, as he hit on some crowd-pleasing Republican themes, such as gun-ownership rights and smaller government, and he peppered in sure-hit laugh lines.

“If you like your religion, you can keep your religion,” Jindal deadpanned at one point, as he railed against Democrats for infringing on religious freedom.

But the meat of Jindal’s remarks focused on what he has framed as his signature issue, his fight to bring a school voucher program to Louisiana and the subsequent federal court battles over whether the program meets desegregation standards.

He and Scott Walker both have strong education records.

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