February 25, 2014

POWER LINE: Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 1.

Cleta Mitchell may be the most dangerous woman in America. She is the prominent Washington attorney who represents several clients victimized by the criminal misconduct of the IRS over the past four years. She speaks with authority when she asserts, as she did recently in her testimony before a congressional subcommittee, that the Obama administration is responsible for “lies upon lies” covering up the multifarious, politically inspired wrongdoing of the IRS.

Part 2:

Cleta Mitchell is the Washington superlawyer who represents numerous clients victimized by the multifarious criminal misbehavior of the IRS. Cleta sat down with me to field a few questions following her outstanding presentation at the Heritage Foundation program on the IRS scandals this past Friday. In the three-minute video below, I ask her to describe the origin of the scandals. Can she trace the source?

Cleta traces the scandals to President Obama and concludes with some choice words on the role of our “state media,” as she calls them, in falling down on the story. Tyler O’Neill’s account of Friday’s Heritage program also focuses on the origin of the scandals.

Part 3:

In her remarks at the Heritage Foundation program on the IRS assault on the First Amendment this past Friday (video here), I was particularly struck by a point Cleta made about the complicity of Congress in the lawlessness of the IRS. She handed up an indictment that extended both to Democratic and Republican members of Congress.

I asked Cleta to reiterate her comments on this subject in a three-minute video for Power Line readers. If you watch only one video in this series, please make it this one.

Some nice reporting from Scott Johnson and Power Line. Didn’t we used to have networks and journalists and stuff for this?

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