February 17, 2014

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Rutgers Prof Suspended for Telling Students He Was Made to Teach a Course in Which He Had Zero Expertise. “The professor, Robert Trivers, had objected to teaching a course called ‘Human Aggression’ this fall, reports The Star-Ledger. However, his anthropology department superiors told him he had to teach the class anyway. In the first lecture, Trivers informed the 30 or so Rutgers undergrads who had signed up for the class that his plan was to learn the course materials gamely along with them. He observed that he thought it was strange that he was teaching the course in the first place since he is no expert on the material. Administrators at the taxpayer-funded university then suspended Trivers for the crime of imparting this information to students. Rutgers officials also said Trivers was essentially refusing to teach the course, even though he was teaching the course.”

His real crime was embarrassing the administration.