February 2, 2014

ROGER KIMBALL: Of motes & beams: Bridgegate edition.

What is it, exactly, that Christie is accused of? Creating a traffic jam. No, not quite. Ordering a traffic jam. No, that’s not quite right either. Being irritated with the Mayor of Fort Lee who declined to endorse his reelection bid and wishing to get back him somehow and then not minding when he was embarrassed with some really bad traffic over the George Washington Bridge.

That last comes pretty close to what the Governor of New Jersey is accused of.

Pretty heinous, eh? I mean, you never see bad traffic on the George Washington Bridge. And of course, no politicians ever indulge in political pay-back. . . .

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the President of the United States publicly declares he is willing to contravene the Constitution in order to achieve his agenda. He’s been on that jog for quite a while now, and his State of the Union Address last week reinforced his out-of-touch imperial ambitions. Some are joking — some joke! — that he appears to think of himself as a sort of secular Trinity, embodying in his own person the three branches of government.

Guess which one the press is excited about. But, then, they worship the same secular Trinity.