February 2, 2014

THE MALE-FEMALE “WAGE GAP” AND the choice of college majors. “If working with people is considered a plus, such that job-seekers accept lower pay to have that kind of work, is there a problem? What if job-seekers tended to feel it was bad to have to work with others and avoided these jobs? The pay would go up. I think what we’re seeing is that working with people is more likely to be a plus among women, and there are a lot of female job-seekers bidding the price down. You might say this is acceptable because it’s not intentional discrimination against women; it’s just everyone making individual personal choices, and a neutral market producing this effect. Those who still see a problem and want us to care should find a way to say it still matters, because the skewed preferences of women are leading to a disparate impact. I just wish they’d say that clearly and be accurate about the facts and not continually prod people to feel that there are nefarious employers deliberately short-changing women.”

Well, without someone to demonize, it’s no use as a Democratic talking point.