December 19, 2013

READER MEAD RECOMMENDATION: Reader Melissa Lambert writes:

I’m a daily addict of Instapundit – you’ve used my silly quotes a few times. A few months back I saw on your blog that Amazon was selling wine, and our “Meadery” is now on Amazon as of this week! We are so happy to have this new way to sell mead — we got our first order for “The Venerable Mead” (paging Ann Althouse) a few hours after we listed. So far we can only ship to CA, FL, and DC, but we’re going to add more states asap. (Pictures of the bottles with the lovely mead will be up in a few weeks.)

Here’s the link.

Alas, Tennessee — which doesn’t even allow wine or mead to be sold in grocery stores — won’t allow Amazon to ship booze here. But I encourage others to check it out.

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