October 31, 2013

CELLPHONES: A False-Rape Antidote?

A young mother has been jailed for making two false rape claims within hours of drunkenly sleeping with a friend’s partner.

Ashleigh Loder, 25, wasted at least 100 hours of police time by inventing the assaults.

She first told officers she had been attacked by two strangers in an alley before changing her story to say a man she knew had forced her to have sex in her home.

However the friend she had accused was able to prove his innocence because he had filmed the sexual encounter on his mobile phone.

The footage showed Loder, a mother-of-two from Bideford, Devon, was a willing and active sexual participant.

She was drunk on vodka and invented her story because the partner of the man with whom she’d had sex was a friend.

She feared the consequences of the other woman finding out what they had done.

It’s not rape just because you later wish you hadn’t done it. And these cases seem to be becoming more common, which makes me wonder if they were just as common before cellphones, but never shown to be false.