October 16, 2013

BOEHNER CAVES: Boehner to take vote on Senate compromise 1st, pass it with Dem votes. “This was inevitable after last night’s collapse of Republican unity in the House. According to most sources, Boehner can count on the majority of his caucus to support the move, but will get pilloried by the conservative wing of the caucus. That may mean that Boehner won’t be Speaker if Republicans retain the House after the 2014 elections, but at this point Boehner may not want the job at all.”

Boehner has never struck me as especially sharp, ever since Helen and I interviewed him for the late, lamented Glenn & Helen Show back in 2006, shortly before the GOP lost the House. But, to be fair, you can only do so much with control of half of one branch of the government. For more leverage, try taking the Senate in 2014.

Upside for the GOP: ObamaCare seems to be imploding on its own.

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