October 3, 2013

ROLL CALL: Surprise! Christie Looks Strong for Re-Election in New Jersey. “With five weeks until Election Day, Christie enjoys a comfortable lead over Democrat Barbara Buono, and his personal and job approval ratings continue to hover near 60 percent. That’s a recipe for re-election.”

Maybe his coattails will help Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan, though Christie himself certainly hasn’t done anything for his fellow Republican. Then again, the national GOP hasn’t done much for Lonegan either, even though he’s been closing up the gap in the polls due to what Chuck Todd says is Cory Booker’s “sloppy” and “unfocused” campaign. T-Bone was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has endorsed Lonegan, and he’s also getting campaign help from Rand Paul and Rick Perry. Doing jobs the national GOP won’t do, I guess.