September 20, 2013

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS HAS MORE ON THAT OVERTURNED LOUISIANA POLICE PROSECUTION: Top DOJ Officials and Jim Letten, Dean of Tulane Law, Knew for Months DOJ Lawyers Were Secretly Blogging. “The current dean of Tulane Law, former United States Attorney Jim Letten, knew for months that lawyers in his office were secretly blogging at the Times Picayune website to influence the outcome of a criminal case. Yet Letten never instructed his lawyers to inform United States District Judge Kurt Englehardt about their shenanigans, and never did so himself for months.”

Jim Letten? That name sounds familiar. Oh, yeah — the guy who was screaming threats at James O’Keefe. Not one of Tulane’s best hires. To be fair, he’s a dean at Tulane, not the Dean, I believe.